Eric Otieno

Eric Otieno

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Globale Film Festival 2018

Black History Month 2018

On Everyday Racism(s)

Frankfurt University

Memory | Oblivion | Amnesia

Kassel Postkolonial

Frankfurt Town-Hall Meeting


Is Art the new Black?

Sleek Magazine

Beyond the Global Colour Line

Afrikavenir Berlin

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M.bassy Journal

The Samaritans

FCLR Film Festival

An Appeal for Human Rights

The John Lewis Fellowship

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on (not) voting

XING Klartext

Re_learning with Athens

Kassel University

2015 Cohort

Network Inclusion Leader

Mandela @100

AP Magazine

I am not your Negro

Capitol Kino Marburg

Re_thinking Africa


Transatlantic Exchange Programme


Organisation of Kenyan Students in Hessen


#MLK50 in Germany

Alterity & Design

Salon Universitas

Not German Enough

ZEIT Online

The Parliament of Bodies

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