The Parliament of Bodies

Eve Wangui and myself were invited to introduce the work of Kassel Postkolonial and to engage with other anti-fascist, trans-feminist and anti-racist groups from Athens and Kassel at the Parliament of Bodies at the Museum Friediricianum in Kassel. Kassel Postkolonial is a collective constituted by a diverse group of people working to reveal the colonial entanglements of modern day Kassel to raise awareness on the ubiquity of coloniality in local contexts. A shortened version of the session and the whole of our talk can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

“The Parliament of Bodies, the Public Programs of documenta 14, emerged from the experience of the so-called long summer of migration in Europe, which revealed the simultaneous failure not only of modern representative democratic institutions but also of ethical practices of hospitality. The Parliament was in ruins. The real Parliament was on the streets, constituted by unrepresented and undocumented bodies resisting austerity measures and xenophobic policies…" (Continue reading on documenta website-accesible via Url below)

kassel postkolonial is a collective of people who are interested in mapping the coloniality of power, being and knowledge in the city of kassel.