“Because I live here”, an exhibition at the Museum for Modern Art in Frankfurt, places post-migrant German society under the microscope to reveal structural violence. As the first show of its kind to specifically address racism and violence in post-migrant German society, it’s a milestone for contemporary art as far as its pertinent themes are concerned. https://www.sleek-mag.com/article/because-i-live-here/ Image: Installation view of Emeka Ogboh’s, “Sufferhead Original” (Frankfurt edition), 2018, Courtesy Emeka Ogboh. Photo: Axel Schneider

Die Frankfurter Schirn hat mit ihrer Ausstellung “König der Tiere: Wilhelm Kuhnert und das Bild von Afrika” eine Debatte entfacht: Wo bleibt die kritische Einbettung dieses Malers im Gefüge des deutschen Kolonialismus? Die Kritik ist berechtigt, schreibt Eric Otieno in seinem Gastkommentar für Monopol https://www.monopol-magazin.de/kuhnert-der-malende-kolonialherr. Bild: Wilhelm Kuhnert beim Malen, 9. September 1911, © Nachlass Wilhelm Kuhnert

As 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair opens today in London’s Somerset House, Eric Otieno explores how the fair provides a new perspective on art from Africa and its diaspora https://www.sleek-mag.com/article/1-54-contemporary-african-art-fair/ Image: Larry Achiampong (Copperfield Gallery)

The politics of heritage in South Africa @Mandela100 https://otienos.com/projects/6550277

The artist translates conceptual affirmations of her creative self into the multi-sensory piece and way of thinking, Power to the God Within http://nataal.com/jojo-abot Image: Jojo Abot & (c) akofilms.com

As the Berlin Biennale opens its doors, Eric Otieno interrogates one newspaper’s sweeping statement about the apparent diversity of the German art scene.Is art really the new Black? http://www.sleek-mag.com/2018/06/08/berlin-biennale-art-new-black/ Image: Work by Emma Wolkau Wanambwa at the 10th Berlin Biennale.

Ishion Hutschinson at the American Academy in Rome (c) Marco Brunelli/Johanne Affricot http://griotmag.com/en/ishion-hutchinson-ozio-manifesta-biennial-palermo/

Johannesburg, March 2018.

Image: “Onthou Atlantis” by Silas Miami http://griotmag.com/en/silas-miami-onthou-atlantis-reclamation/

Keyezua: Fortia 2017. Images: Keyezua | http://griotmag.com/en/fortia-keyezua-interview/

Libertad 2015. © Eric Otieno

Check Point Sekondi Loco. Installation by Ibrahim Mahama documenta14 – Kassel. Images: Lisa Kolloge

Installation View, Zohra Opoku at Ano Gallery, Accra. http://griotmag.com/en/zohra-opoku-installation-view-queens-kings-ghana-ano-gallery/ Images: Eric Otieno

Image: Lisa Kolloge

Image: streetetiquette.com