Buna Hour | Justice

Buna Hour / Gerechtigkeiten (Justice) is the third event on artistic and discursive strategies of decolonizing everyday life within the context of the festival Postcolonial Poly Perspectives.

What are the ideas, demands and projects for justice that guide us? What strategies are already being pursued? Which new strategies do we need? What can we learn from historical or translocal movements? What are sources of justice? What can we expect and demand from state bodies and what does community work mean in this context?

Based on the Ethiopian practice of buna, where households and communities come together for one to two hours to drink coffee and discuss everyday matters, Buna Hour / Gerechtigkeiten invites its guests to engage in a polyphonic exchange of perspectives: the co-founder of the Center for Intersectionality, Dr. Emilia Zenzile Roig, the political scientist Joshua Kwesi Aikins, the lawyer Anna Hankings-Evans, the historian Edna Bonhomme and host Eric Otieno come together to analyze current justice strategies and to refine them for political action