Otobong Nkanga's new exhibition at Gropius Bau investigates the ecological, economic and political issues negotiated through landscapes. On entering 'There’s no such a thing as Solid Ground', visitors are invited to walk on pebbles, interspersed with boulders here and there. After months in which touching anything, including one’s own face, seemed reckless, the gallery attendant’s advice to “sit awhile if you like…the boulders have been sanitised” is indicative of a new gallery etiquette as much as it is a temporary reprieve from the collective restraint in public spaces lately. I join my fellow masked visitors and sit on an unoccupied boulder in the corner of the room. https://www.sleek-mag.com/article/otobong-nkanga-gropius-bau-breathing-landscape-repair/ Image: ©Laura Fiorio (the artist stands in front of 'Double Plot' 2018)