With the inversion of West African Studio portraiture, Silvia Rosi’s exploration of heritage is both inward and outward. It is inward because the subjects she embodies in her photography are members of her own family. But It is also outward because the technique she applies to capture herself is quite common in the family albums of Rosi’s generation. Now known as West African Studio portraiture, it is an aesthetic that is celebrated in the work of trailblazers such as Mali’s Malick Sidibe and Ghana’s Felica Abban, and more recently in contemporary work by Rosi, who is reinterpreting the classic West African studio portrait by stripping it down to convey the lived realities of her family. https://griotmag.com/en/people-photography-silvia-rosi-studio-portrait/ Image: self-portrait as my father, 2020 ©Silvia Rosi