One year in Germany

Four young people from Tanzania and Cameroon complete a year of weltwärts voluntary service in Germany. It is their first time in Europe. The film accompanies the volunteers throughout their year of service, capturing the different expectations, the enthusiasm, goals and also the challenges. The volunteers describe their personal experiences as well as their view of Germany as it develops during their stay. The documentary is a thoughtful and exciting vision of the exchange program seen by four young people.

The weltwärts South-North component is a voluntary service program in which young people from the Global South work for a non-profit organization in Germany. The duration of the stay is usually 12 months. Volunteers attend preparatory, interim and return seminars some of which i facilitated in Kassel, and which are featured in the Film.

The objectives of the development policy program are exchanges between the countries of the Global South and the North, the personal development of volunteers and the strengthening of civil society in Germany and the countries of origin.

(c) Christian Weinert & Ferdinand Carriére