On Everyday Racism(s)

In October of 2017, 92 new members of parliament from the right-wing populist party AfD were elected into the Bundestag (Parliament) of Germany. In the run up to this election, populist and racist discourses were increasingly employed to attract voters, who felt that the AfD was finally expressing their long supressed sentiments, and had finally spoken out against the Political Correctness that had ‘clouded’ discussions around Migration in Germany since 2015.

In this talk, at the invitation of the Students Union (AstA) of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, i argue that the seeds of right wing populism did not hit barren ground in the pre-election phase. A threshold of racist attitudes must have existed beforehand. The AfD of course capitalised on this, and now, for the first time since the Third Reich, a right-wing party is significantly represented in the Bundestag.

This development is a game-changer. It warrants a rigorous conversation on everyday racisms in Germany. Where are they, how are they implicitly and explicitly expressed, and most importantly, what needs to happen now?

  • Role Speaker
  • For Frankfurt University
  • Date November 2017