Organisation of Kenyan Students in Hessen

Some of my earliest organizing experiences were with the Organisation of Kenyan Students in Hessen. Between 2012 and 2014 we initiated various activities around the State of Hesse on an unprecedented scale for a Kenyan Students Organisation in Germany. I served as Vice Chairman and Chairman of the organisation respectively.

Below various multimedia resources document the activities of the organisation. Our activities included regular meetings, Cooking, Sports, Discussions, Film Screenings, Lectures and a Networking Conference for Kenyan Professionals and Students in Germany

Watch Below:
1.International Day at the Frankfurt University for applied sciences (May 2014).
2.Organisation of Kenyan Students in Hessen
Networking Event for Kenyan Professionals & Students, May 2014. Watch Below:

After its dissolution in 2014, members have gone on to make an impact in their respective fields.

  • Role Facilitator, Organizer, President
  • For OKSH
  • Date June 2014
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