Memory | Oblivion | Amnesia

I have been working with Kassel Postkolonial since November 2015. We set out to build a Website to host the work of a local memory project, one that traces Colonialism and its manifestations in the city of Kassel today. We have gathered a number of basic texts, maps and information to start the Website off. The Website, however, endeavours to be a work-in-progress that combines multimedia and aesthetics to create a site of re_membrance and re_learning, and to expand to the streets of Kassel by offering walks that engage with Colonialism and its traces in the city, as well as to discuss, chart and map de_colonial options on the streets.

The text i wrote for the site is about Memory, Oblivion and Amnesia. Germany, often praised for its Memory work on the Holocaust, often fails considerably when it comes to Memory work on Colonialism. That failure manifests itself in either of two ways. Oblivion: the scarcity or lack of knowledge on German Colonialism and/or Amnesia: Available knowledge on German colonialism is forgotten, relativised and supressed.

Full text (in German) and the Website can be accessed via the Url