The Samaritans

I had the honour of being invited to discuss the mockumentary Series “the Samaritans” after a screening during the 2017 edition of the FCLR festival (Festival Contre le Racismé) in Hannover. The series has achieved worldwide fame and superb reviews for taking on NGOs in the development “industry” in Nairobi.

Against the backdrop of a fictional NGO based in Nairobi, the Kenyan producer Hussein Kurji adresses the “white saviour industrial complex” and other absurdities in this series that is made in the style of Stromberg. He brings real critique of the development “industry” into his fiction and manages to make it entertaining while using the various techniques that satire has to offer.

The series can be rented on For starters, here´s a clip from the first episode

Samaritans EP01 Clip from Xeinium Productions on Vimeo.